JOURNAL • raw you

Courage is stepping into the world as you are –

no mask,

no guards,

no agendas,

no shiny polish.

Raw you,

just alive,

in the moment.

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Our Gift in These Times

gifts, emergence, transformation & harmonization

We are emerging from hiding.
Our gifts and talents and vibrations are so beautiful, so valuable, and so needed right now, today as part of the larger transformation that is happening.

We are coming together, our voices joining into one voice.
Our individual notes are becoming a collective song.
A new song of an awakened world . . . → Read More: Our Gift in These Times

neither SECRECY nor SALES

Most of us are either withholding the truth of who we are from the world,
or over-pushing a manufactured version.
(Hiding out behind a mask,
or trying to sell the mask.)
This makes us feel safe,
but really compromises our aliveness.

All of this is related to things written about before,
namely the age-old belief-systems that cause us to . . . → Read More: neither SECRECY nor SALES

Share Now

We don’t wait any longer. We share now. One of the choices I made was holding back my work, thinking it had to reach a point of perfection before I could share it. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking “I’m not there yet.” (underlying belief: world is not safe for me as I am)  . . . → Read More: Share Now