SONGS • butterflies

by Rick Nichols

~ cut #11 on the double-album, SYNCHRONY ~

i love you so  (i love you so)
i love you so
hopi jadeo

tell us how you’re feeling today
anything you’re dreaming is okay
we’re catching butterflies, butterflies

you can close your eyes on the day
and in the morning we will play
butterflies,  we’re catching butterflies

i love you so  —  i love you so

the elephant is sending butterflies
the elephant is mending butterflies
don’t be surprised, if they fill the skies
synchronized  butterflies
hopi jadeo

if your butterflies go away
they will return anyway
don’t be afraid
cause butterflies come again  (butterflies)
cause butterflies come again, another day

hopi jadeo
keep dreaming of butterflies
hopi jadeo     (butterflies)
i love you so  — hopi jadeo
(butterflies)     anything is possible
sleep well now it’s okay   (butterflies)
anything is possible  (anything is possible)
fly away —

© Rick Nichols •  LINKING-POINT Music

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